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******K-9 Officer Karim *****


The Parsons Police Department, in collaboration with the Labette County Sheriff's Office, announces the completion and review of the final necropsy report concerning the unfortunate demise of K-9 Karim on October 11, 2023. The thorough examination has determined that the extreme temperature on the day in question stands as the sole factor contributing to K-9 Karim's passing.

Upon careful consideration of the findings, the Labette County Sheriff's Office is initiating legal proceedings against Officer Devin Wisdom. The case has been formally submitted to the Labette County Attorney's Office for review, with the request for charges under Cruelty to Animals K.S.A. 21-6412 subsection (a) (3) (Neglect). The decision to proceed with formal charges now lies with the Labette County Attorney's Office.

Sheriff Darrin Eichinger stated, "Our comprehensive review of the entire case led us to make the most informed decision possible. Acknowledging the sensitivity of this matter to the community, we are committed to upholding our responsibilities to the State of Kansas, Labette County, and the City of Parsons. Our duty extends to ensuring the best interests of the victim, in this case, a sworn police dog named Karim."

Parsons Police Chief Robert Spinks expressed gratitude for the Sheriff's diligence in the investigation, asserting, "While social media has generated speculation about the case's outcome and disciplinary measures, it is crucial to separate fact from fiction. In light of the pending charges, Officer Devin Wisdom will be placed on unpaid administrative leave until the predetermination hearing. We are dedicated to transparency, and upon the conclusion of the Internal Investigation, the full Necropsy report will be publicly disclosed. This exhaustive report has been conducted with meticulous care to honor Karim's memory and serve the best interests of justice."

The Parsons Police Department is in the process of organizing a memorial service for K-9 Karim, with details to be announced in the near future. Chief Spinks emphasized, "Our current focus is on concluding the investigation comprehensively. Simultaneously, we will make arrangements for Karim's interment and memorial service to pay tribute to his esteemed role as a member of our department."

For further updates and information, the public is encouraged to monitor official communications from the Parsons Police Department and the Labette County Sheriff's Office.

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