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Civil Process

Jvette Collins 

Jvette Baker is the Administrative Assistant for the Labette County Sheriff’s Department.  She is responsible for answering and forwarding administrative calls, greeting visitors, maintenance of personnel records and files, scheduling and processing of sheriff sales, departmental payroll, accounts payable, receipt and tracking of civil process and other duties as they arise. 


Civil Process – What’s that?

Civil Process is the procedure used to give legal notice to someone of a court proceeding concerning that person so as to enable him to respond in his best interest.   Usually, notice is furnished by serving a set of documents (called "process", or papers) to the person to be notified, and the sooner that person get the papers, the more time he has to prepare.

“Serving” generally means “delivery to” and service may take many forms, including personal, residential, agent, first class or certified mail, publication, and tacking. Serving does not mean arresting; only delivering. Under Kansas law, a person does not have to be touched with the paper to be served, nor does a person have to sign for the paper. Also, when a person refuses service, the offer to serve, coupled with the refusal, constitutes service, and the person served risks a judgment against him if he fails to respond to the paper. Please remember that only an attorney can give legal advice, not the Sheriff. The Sheriff can only carry out the orders of the Court.

The Labette County Sheriff's Office will serve only documents originating from a Court and bearing its stamp and case number. Private papers originating from an attorney's office will not be served.

Civil Process Fees

Effective July 1, 2013

Pursuant to state law, the Sheriff’s Office will not serve any document unless it is accompanied by the $15.00 Service of Process Fee. It is the policy of the Sheriff’s Office to only accept checks or money orders for this fee, made payable to the Labette County Sheriff’s Office. If the process fee is not attached to the papers, they will be returned to the court as “Unable to serve without proper fee.”


  • Payment by Check/Money Order—at the time of filing with the District Court, each paper will have a check/money order attached to the top copy in the amount of $15.00 payable to the Labette County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Fee Exempt—filings which are exempt from fees will have that fact noted on the top copy prior to filing.


The following Kansas Civil Process is exempt from the $15.00 filing fee:

  • Protection from Abuse or Protection from Stalking papers.
  • Papers filed by Government Entities.
  • Post Decree Motions in divorce cases.
  • Probate orders filed under KSA Chapter 59 for Mental, Drug and Alcohol Commitments.
  • Documents and Writs filed under Chapters 21 (Criminal), Chapter 38 (Child in Need of Care), etc.
  • Criminal subpoenas.


  • Each paper that is filed in the Labette County District Court for service to addresses outside Labette County, but within the state of Kansas, should have any fees attached made payable to the Sheriff’s Office of the jurisdiction in which it is to be served, and be sent to that jurisdiction.
  • Papers filed in Kansas judicial districts outside of the Labette County District Court, which are to be served in Labette County, should have any fees attached made payable to the Labette County Sheriff’s Office.


  • At the time of filing, each out-of-state paper will have a check/money order attached to the top copy in the amount of $50.00 payable to the Labette County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Documents to be served should be sent to the following address:

Labette County Sheriff’s Office

718 5th Street

Oswego, KS 67356  

  • Documents should include the following:
  • A self addressed stamped envelope.
  • Instructions for the completion of the return of service.
  • A cover letter that lists information on the person being served (address, phone, employer, etc.) and contact information for the person issuing the documents.


The following Out of State Civil Process is exempt from the $15.00 fee currently charged by the Labette County Sheriff’s Office.

  • Protective Orders which meet the requirements of The Violence Against Women’s Act 18 U.S.C. 2265.
  • Papers filed by Government Entities.

For further information contact the Labette County Sheriff’s Office at 620-795-2994


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