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 Jvette headshot

Jvette Baker is the Administrative Assistant for the Labette County Sheriff’s Department. She is responsible for answering and forwarding administrative calls, the maintenance of personnel records and files, scheduling & processing of sheriff sales, departmental payroll, accounts payable, receipt and tracking of civil process, our agency’s terminal agency coordinator (TAC) and processed delinquent property taxes. She also takes care of other duties as they arise.



 Amber Vance

Amber Vance is the Records Clerk for the Labette County Sheriff's Department. Her responsibilities include entering offense reports, accident reports, and citations and forwarding them to KBI, KDOT, insurance companies, County Attorney and District Court, performing records checks for other law enforcement agencies, military and for the Brady law for those that wish to obtain or purchase firearms. She also registers sex, drug, and violent offenders and testifies in court regarding offenders, as well as fingerprinting for licensing and offender registration.


Crime Tip Hotline  620-795-2565 or via Email