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Inmate Roster


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Monday:              01/13/2020                         Click Here to View            Click Here to View

Tuesday:             01/14/2020                         Click Here is View             Click Here to View

Wednesday:        01/15/2020                        Click Here to View             Click Here to View

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Friday:                 01/17/2020                         Click Here to View             Click Here to View 

Sat & Sun:           01/11/20 - 01/12/20         Click Here to View             Click Here to View


Roster is updated and posted daily Monday - Friday by 10 a.m.

Roster for Sat & Sun is updated and posted next Business Day by 10 a.m.

Intake Roster charges are subject to change after formal complaints are filed.

For the most updated offender charges, refer to the most recent Inmate Roster.


Labette County Sheriff's Office Scam Alert

Our office has recently received several phone calls from a male subject who is impersonating himself as a sergeant with another law enforcement center.  He is attempting to find out the last person(s) who bonded out of jail by saying that he needs to speak to them in regards to a criminal investigation they may have information about.  This male subject will then attempt to get the phone number of the inmate who has bonded out recently.  Our facility has contacted several other agencies in Kansas who have also received similar phone calls.  It is believed that this subject is attempting to contact recently bonded out individuals to scam them out of money by telling them that he is with the bonding agency.  He then tells them that there has been a mistake in the bond amount posted and the bonding company requires more money.  He then tells them that if they do not wire more money immediately, they will be arrested.

We are alerting the public to be aware that this is a SCAM.  The Labette County Sheriff's Office does not release personal information such as inmate phone numbers.  If our office does need to reach someone who has recently bonded out, we will send a certified letter to that individual. 

Below are two links of other scams such as this around the country.


What to do if you wish to bond a person from the Labette County Jail


Confirm the inmate's charges and bond amount with the Labette County Correctional Staff.

Determine if you wish to pay a cash bond or utilize the services of an authorized bonding agent.

Notify the correctional staff at (620) 795-2565 of your decision.

If you choose to utilize a bonding agent, the 11th Judicial District must approve him or her.

"It is the discretion of the sheriff of any county of this district to accept and approve bonds pursuant to the authority of K.S.A. 22-2806"

The 11th Judicial District of Kansas has approved the following bonding agents:

 Authorized Bonding Agents